Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are the most typical kind of Family Support and Strengthening programs. They are known by many different names across the country, including Family Centers, Family Success Centers, Family Support Centers, and Parent Child Centers. They may be community-based or school-based.  They serve as welcoming hubs of community services and opportunities designed to strengthen families. Their activities and programs, typically provided at no or low cost to participants, are developed to reflect and be responsive to the specific needs, cultures, and interests of the communities and populations served.  There is no dedicated federal funding for FRCs, and yet there are more than 3,000 of them nationwide.

Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are community-based agencies that provide services to support families and strengthen communities. 

What are the goals of a FRC?

To support families to be strong, healthy, and successful 

To contribute to building a strong and healthy community 

To reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect by building the research-based Strengthening Families Protective Factors

What kinds of services do FRCs provide?

Information and Referral Services to community resources and programs

Parenting classes and support groups

Mental health assesment and counseling services

Access to services (e.g., assistance with applications, child supervision during classes and meetings, translation and transportation assistance) 

Life skills classes (e.g., nutrition, health, fitness, and financial literacy)

Programs for children and youth (e.g., play groups, school readiness classes, after school programming, summer programs, drop-in centers, and tutoring)

Support for immigrants, including English conversation classes, Know Your Rights trainings, and Spanish language parenting classes

Community events, such as clothing swaps, holiday celebrations, and family fun days

Coordination and support in times of community tragedy and natural disasters

Case management

Direct assistance, including emergency food distributions, rent assistance, diapers, clothing, and personal hygiene supplies

While all Mendocino County FRCs provide these core services, each FRC is unique to the community it services, offering additional services ranging from mentoring programs to food pantries. Contact your local FRC for more information.

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